Flare® Web-Based Talent Management

Easy-to-use web-based modules for managing your employees' needs throughout the entire employment lifecycle.

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Fully Customized

Unlike many talent management systems, Flare® is fully customized to your organization's specifications.

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Easy To Use

Simple, intuitive user interfaces make it easy for your employees to log in and begin accomplishing tasks immediately.

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Fast Integration

Flare® requires no software installation, internal hosting, or added work for your IT department.

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Performance Reviews Module

Save time, improve accuracy, and eliminate frustration by taking your organization's performance reviews online.

  • Update review forms at any time.
  • Pre-populate employees' reviews with Flare® job description information and desired demographics.
  • Have instant, accurate scoring.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing each review has passed the Flare® legal checker.
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Job Description Module

Quickly create, edit and keep job descriptions up-to-date.

  • Design online job description templates.
  • Enable authorized staff to make job description updates and recommend changes to job descriptions.
  • Reserve final job description updates and approvals for HR.
  • Explore job duty implications on Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) classification.
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Job Evaluation Module

Be confident in your pay grades' reflection of internal equity.

  • Link Flare® job description content to your custom job evaluation point factor system.
  • Determine position placement in your pay grade structure based on job evaluation points.
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Compensation Administration Module

Be confident in your payroll expenditure estimates.

  • Accurately estimate your organization's payroll costs by month or payroll period.
  • Model your payroll expenditures for the next 12 months.
  • Account for overtime, temporary positions, new hires, and reductions in force.
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Organizational Charts Module

Update employee job titles, departments, and reporting relationships easily using drag and drop technology.

  • Prepare clear visual presentations of organizational, divisional, and department reporting relationships.
  • Make changes in real-time to model organizational changes and impacts on staff.
  • Clearly present your organization’s structure at a moment’s notice – without complicated software.
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Applicant Tracking Module

Fully automate your hiring and onboarding processes.

  • Integrate with your organization’s website career page.
  • Capture candidate uploaded resumés.
  • Examine detailed analytics to discover the most appropriate applicant.
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Pay for Performance Module

Determine merit-based pay increases quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

  • Meet your merit increase budget every time.
  • Prepare reports for senior management.
  • Calculate pay increases as a percent of base pay, lump sum, or a combination of both.
  • Include factors such as position in range (compa ratio) and performance appraisal score in the pay increase process.
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Incentive/Sales Commission Tracker Module

Easily calculate incentive-based pay and sales commissions.

  • Determine incentive payouts throughout the organization using current employee salaries, organizational performance metrics, and incentive formulas.
  • Track your organization's sales for each employee and location.
  • Export detailed reports for senior management.
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Recognition Module

Make work fun!

  • Award points, badges, and trophies to employees for the completion of assigned tasks and activities.
  • Redeem points for prizes that increase healthy competition and employee engagement.
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Exit Interview and Analysis Module

Develop customized exit interview questionnaires to learn why employees leave your organization.

  • Track data in real-time.
  • Use our module's third-party data for external benchmarking.
  • Create reports for the entire organization … or take a closer look at individual departments or managers.
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Staff Advancement Monitor™

Organize tracking of employee development and make better promotion decisions.<

  • List recommended primary & secondary competencies and developmental activities required for an employee to be eligible for promotion.
  • See participating employees, as well as their mentors and targeted growth position(s).
  • Search within your organization to find an employee who fits an open position.
  • Identify employees who are ready for advancement.
  • Generate summary reports for HR's review and use in administering the program.
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Total Rewards Statements

Help employees appreciate the amount of their total rewards.

  • Provide employees with secure access to see their personal salary, variable compensation, and benefit cost and value information—in real-time.
  • Update Total Rewards Statement content on your organization’s schedule – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Facilitate year end activities and open enrollment decisions.
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Additional Features

Easy Intregration
Permission Rights

Automatically assign system rights to individuals or entire departments.

Cloud Service
Cloud Service

Access Flare® at any time from your computer or mobile device.

Team Collaboration

Journal entries, emails, and approval notes all can be documented right in Flare®.

User Permissions

Flare® utilizes dedicated SSL protected hosting with encrypted data transfers.

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Storage

Upload files to attach to employee profiles for easy record keeping.

Latest Technology
No Contracts

No minimum basic contracts, or setup and implementation charges.

I have worked with Astron Solutions for years and found them to provide consistently reliable service. I value their expertise in our compensation work and the high degree of customization with Flare®. They are fantastic to work with and affordable.
Catherine M. Scarlett, SPHR, LPEC, EvP
Chief Ethics/Human Resources Officer | NBT Bank, Norwich, NY
Astron Solutions is a valuable business partner to any HR professional that finds themselves needing assistance in a variety of HR disciplines. I have utilized Astron to assist me with a variety of compensation projects that run the gamut from Board of Director comp to Sales compensation programs. In addition, their customizable Talent Management system Flare® is a very effective and efficient tool to help manage and develop employees within an organization. I enjoy working with the team at Astron because they have a very proactive approach to service. Astron is committed to keeping up with the latest trends and providing us with a cost-effective approach to meeting our needs!
Laurie Darnaby, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Vice President of Human Resources | Topaz Lighting and Electric, Holtsville, NY
Your personal attentiveness, flexibility, responsiveness and expertise have been unparalleled in the vendor world. I appreciate that you have always cheerfully found a solution to our every request for modifications if it was within the realm of possibility (and sometimes outside!).
Barbara Nasworthy, SPHR, CCP
Compensation Consultant - Retired | Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA

Sample Pricing for Flare®'s Most Popular Module Combinations

50 Employee Organization
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Reviews
Per Employee Per Month
500 Employee Organization
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Reviews
Per Employee Per Month
2,000 Employee Organization
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Reviews
Per Employee Per Month


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